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classroom transation

By gopikrishna k | May 11, 2013

How to promote higher order thinking skills amonge the students in a classroom transaction?

Do you know about the best Education System in the world ? Do you know how translate downloaded videoes in your mother tongue ?

By Ravichandra Mane | May 1, 2013


   1]     Do you know Finland has the best Education System in the world.Have you ever searched on the web about Finland Education System. There is lot of material available on the net. As a teacher we should know about the best Education System. 

Do we have Advance Education System

By nandinij | Apr 16, 2013

Dear Teachers,

Education in India has made progress in terms of increasing primary education attendance rate and expanding literacy. But the quality of education whether at primary or higher education is significantly poor as compared with major developing nations.

Communication system at schools

By Prabavathy | Apr 2, 2013


I am conducting a survey as a part of my PG programme. It tries to capture the current communication system at schools and the expectations from parents/ teachers. Kindly spare 5 minutes of your time to fill out the survey.

Here are the links..


Thank you,


Will CCE system be able to highlight the constructive- significance of Technology in education?

By neha.dixit.chauhan | Mar 20, 2013

In India Technology in Education is restricted to computerscience education in classes . But with the new grading system continuous evaluation of students comprehensively will require teachers to adopt innovative teaching practices(multimedia tools, smartboards etc.) and in a way a chance to upgrade themselves. 

Online Learning

By nehardave | Mar 1, 2013

Hello all teachers,

Just wanted to discuss on how we can have online learning more effective. A teach can create her own content only (Which is unique to her/him) and can send out assignments to the student and it gets graded :) !! 

Also we can have a system which has more of interactive Questions and Assignment then it will keep the students engageed and learn more.




Uses of TLM in the class room

By deepak11 | Oct 15, 2012

TLM stands for the teaching Learning Material

Training to Teachers on Technology

By sumana.singh | Oct 15, 2012

As lot of inservice teacher training is being provided to our government teachers. Some training should also be provided to the teachers on the use of technology as it is the need of the hour.

revolutionize class room practices

By tribhuvan | Oct 3, 2012

The traditional concept of learnign in the class room is to be changed. Learners are given ample freedom and choice to learn according to their pace of learning. modern facilities such as e-learnign prigrams are applied, burden of carrying books and sitting laboriously in the class room can be avoided. Learnign time can be changed for better results.

What is the role of technology in the classroom today?

By editor_en | Aug 28, 2012

Technology has made its way into our personal and social lives. But as a teacher, what role do you see technology play in the classroom?


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