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why do we study maths in whole school days?

By onlinetrainingman | Mar 26, 2014

why do we study maths in whole school days?

What are some creative ways to use technology in the classroom?

By onlinetrainingman | Mar 20, 2014

What are some creative ways to use technology in the classroom?

Educational Technology Core Teams for Schools(Pan India)

By deeptisawhney | Mar 13, 2014

Learn Today is developing a consortium of teachers to spearhead Educational Technology in the Classrooms. We specialise in developing Core Teams to help develop and sustain Educational Technology in schools.

Tough Young Teachers-Episode 1

By ramanatha.sastry | Mar 8, 2014

This a BBC series of six tough young trainee teachers.each of three episodes are about one hour. Good guide for young teachers to observe and learn.


By ramanatha.sastry | Feb 28, 2014

Start teaching with technology in a purposeful way and transform your lessons by this weekend. We’ll go beyond how to use technology in the classroom and create beautiful, engaging presentations that take your teaching to a whole new level.
This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of designing and creating engaging products for your classroom or e-course.

Design 'Edciting' activities for K-12 grades

By Sowmya | Dec 6, 2013

Edcite, an EdTech startup, is building a web-based platform for teachers to create assignments and activities for their students to complete online. We are currently looking for teachers and education professionals to design Math, Science and English questions/assignments for US K-12 grades using the interactive features of our own website.

Interested individuals should possess experience in and passion for curriculum design and be computer-savvy. Familiarity with the US Common Core standards and SmarterBalanced assessments will be an advantage.

need your viewpoint on Education and unemployment

By powerofthoughts | Nov 19, 2013

What is the Purpose of Education?
Why Do We Need Education?
What is the reason for unemployment in India after getting a full time degree?
What can an individual can do to come out of this situation without waiting for government action?
How can individual get educate own-self in this so competitive and costly education system to support own livelihood?

Looking for Curriculum Content Developer for Mathematics, English Language Arts, or general Sciences

By castlerockresearch | Nov 19, 2013

Content developers write and review educational materials that meet the curriculum requirements from different regions across North America. Content Developers will be required to write or review content for Mathematics, English Language Arts, or general Sciences (backgrounds in a specific discipline of science will also be considered).

Teacher-learner rapport in this era...

By ramasita | Nov 14, 2013

In this post-colonial era, learners are UNDERPINNED obviously, by TECHNOLOGY. So nowadays, as it is expected, teachers really need to be very alert and smart as students grew smarter....A Teacher in this era must update him/herself to give their students loads of / plethora of latest information/data,
before the computer gives them...SO WE ARE NOW, IN A SITUATION TO UPDATE OURSELVES BOTH in Technology and Subject. If it is done the rapport between a teacher and learner will be really interactive and effective, which will be reflected in their performance too... agree???//:)))

Why teachers can’t concentrate on teaching?

By ez-school | Oct 29, 2013

Look at this Documentary and learn why teachers can’t concentrate on teaching.

If you like it and would like to join the EZ-School initiative, please write to today.



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