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Film Based Teaching Methodology

By shantanu.b | Nov 3, 2016

Film Based Teaching Methodology (FBTM®) to translate existing school curriculum into video based teaching-learning content to improve the learning outcomes of their students.

Learn to teach online and make awesome educational videos and e-learning courses for FREE!

By rohinikomarappagari | Aug 30, 2016

Learn to teach online and make awesome educational videos and e-learning courses for FREE!

What are you going to get from this course?

Intro to opportunities to make money online teaching
Hardware/Software/Mental requirements
Putting the course together
Promoting your course
Making Money with your course

You can teach Topics like -

Role of Non-Government Organisations in improving teaching standards in India

By Kumar589 | Jul 14, 2016

For any program to be successful we need a third eye , it could be watchful or a guiding hand.

How to find expert tutors for clearing doubt in 10th CBSE math?

By Naveen_Metha | Jun 30, 2016

I need a help for my brother. He is studying in 10th grade CBSE. He got loss marks in math and he can't follow his school classes. So anyone please suggest a method to find expert tutors with affordable rates to clear his doubts to get decent marks.

Best Grammar Book to refer

By fateh | Jun 13, 2016

Hello everyone!

I want to improve my grammar skills and have heard that The Grammar Gate
By Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao [ ] is the best book to refer to.

If anyone has any knowledge regarding the same, please let me know.

UPSC Entrance exam

By fateh | May 17, 2016

Hello all,
I am planning to take UPSC exam this year and I have heard that A TEXTBOOK OF HYDRAULIC MACHINES By ER. R.K. RAJPUT S. Chand Publishing ( ) is one of the best book to refer.
Please let me know if anyone has any information regarding this.

Hindi textbook for class 10th of S.Chand Publishers

By fateh | Apr 29, 2016

I am a student of class 10th. I want to buy hindi textbook for myself.

I have decided to buy books of S.Chand Publishers []

So, I wants to know that is s.chand's books are good to buy, means they consist good content for students or not.

If anyone has any information regarding this. Please reply.

Project based learning

By aksheyjawa | Apr 20, 2016

Dear all,

I am new to the field of education. I want to open an alternative school some day. Currently, I am exploring different ways of teaching the academic subjects. I went though the different approaches of teaching followed in alternative schools in India. I particularly liked the Mirambika's way of teaching. As you may know, Mirambika is a school in Delhi based on teaching of Sri Aurobindo. It follows project based learning approach to teach most of the subjects (other than languages). I have a few questions about PBL (Project Based learning):

Lets Improve Government Schools

By gmm04790 | Apr 15, 2016

Government Schools are the sources where 100% free quality education is possible to be given to kids to transform them into productive, healthy, useful citizens of tomorrow.

Online teacher communities

By junykwilfred | Mar 1, 2016

1. How important is it to have online teacher communities? Are they needed or not? Why or why not?
2. What would/should be the salient features of online teacher communities? Do they have to be regional/subject specific/ private-government teachers/ etc ?
3. What are the roles that teacher communities play - are there aspects that online platforms can address and not physical communities?


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