Classroom management

A Platform for Teachers.

By milanmav | Jul 22, 2019

Hello, India has a shortage of teachers. We only have 50 percent of the teaching faculty that we need across India, but the questions by students are not getting over. Students always ask, but they don't necessarily get answers all the time. Vokal is a QA based knowledge sharing platform for India and Indian languages, where students from all across India ask questions and they are answered by teachers or other knowledgeable people. The best part is that they give all these answers in either their own voice. Yes, Vokal is Audio/Vidieo answering platform.

Technology-The Competitive Edge for Education

By Santosh G | Jan 28, 2019

In today's digital world, technology has covered almost all walks of life. It is omnipresent. Hence, the teachers should understand its significance and start getting familiar with it. This is because the coming generations are so smart and techno-savvy than us. If we make an effective use of technology, we can convert the classrooms into better learning places avoiding boredom and simplify the content. It will also empower the teacher to explain the abstract ideas with better visualized manner. So let's gear up and make most out of it!!

Hi people! Am Anamika, a newbie here

By tta2018 | Mar 23, 2018

Hi, I am Anamika Khanna, a blogger and instructional writer by profession, I had to curate content on related topics for education and learning and developing. Basically, as a part of my job I had been understanding the gaps, perspectives of adapting to the changing education pattern, particularly because too much is happening within the education sector, particularly because of a shift in doing the courses online! Accordingly, technological know-how has a great possibility to flourish, here I would like to know ideas of the same and share some interesting ideas if I can come up with.

Hello everyone!! I am new here..

By aroonita | Jan 6, 2018

To educate is to empower”. With that belief imbibed in me since my childhood, I, Aroonita, am engaged with the education sector in more ways than one. As an educational counsellor, a facilitator, an evaluator, a writer & a communicator, I involve in every sphere to spread education to learners & the society at large. The continuous and dynamic changes in the field of education and the role of teaching excite me to learn about the contemporary global educational standards, which I further can implement with learners I interact with.

Spoken English Skills to the Students who are not exposed to Speaking Environment

By parveenwrites | May 18, 2017

English remains an obsession for the employers as well for the society. Parents still want engineers and doctors. Schools still believe they are doing the best to rhe children's lives.
BUT, there are billions who have not been able to speak up.for themselves and have not been able to cope with the English Elite Society in India.
How to Introduce English Language Skills to the children?
What methods one can adopt to bring the students on track to Speak English?.

UPSC Entrance exam

By fateh | May 17, 2016

Hello all,
I am planning to take UPSC exam this year and I have heard that A TEXTBOOK OF HYDRAULIC MACHINES By ER. R.K. RAJPUT S. Chand Publishing ( ) is one of the best book to refer.
Please let me know if anyone has any information regarding this.

Lets Improve Government Schools

By gmm04790 | Apr 15, 2016

Government Schools are the sources where 100% free quality education is possible to be given to kids to transform them into productive, healthy, useful citizens of tomorrow.

Digitize daily teacher activities

By cryztalsoft | Feb 29, 2016

With the rapid growth of information technology, it is imperative that our teaching community is provided with the best of tools to perform their everyday activities. Whales For Schools is a great first step towards digitizing the daily activities of a teacher. Lesson plans, curriculum plans, class notes, online assignments, messaging, emails and SMS are integrated in this application to provide a world class collaboration tool for teachers, parents and students. It is extremely affordable, easy to use and mobile enabled.

How do Teachers perform Counselling

By Sasikiran | Jan 13, 2016

Teachers do counselling and attached with 12-25 students in every institution at present. Without having any exposure to psychological concepts and counselling methods and formats, could they do really any good and impact the counselees?

Manage your Class Batches online with Edventz

By go2saurav | Jan 10, 2016

Dear Teachers
Greetings for the Year 2016! As we embark our journey in 2016, we are pleased to share with you new features recently introduced in Edventz:

1. Create & Manage Student Batches: Now you can create and manage batches of students/ parents online and share Activities, Worksheets and Assignments with them online.

2. Build you Profile: You can build your teaching profile on Edventz. Students/ Parents can access and approach you for classes.

3. Mobile Ready: Access mobile ready Edventz from anywhere anytime


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