Book release: Learning at Bodhshala

Written by Rajan Venkatesh, the book titled "Learning at Bodhshala" on re-orienting the School to its Community was released at at a small function held at the SIDH campus in Kempty Uttarakhand on the 27th of November, 2014, attended by Shri Samdhong Rinpoche, the former Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Shri Samdhong Rinpoche is a philosopher, educationist and has been a perennial source of inspiration for the SIDH. He was the founding director and vice-chancellor of the Tibetan Institute of Higher Studies in Sarnath and is a former President of the Association of Indian Universities. Shri Samdhong Rinpoche addressed a gathering of educationists, academicians, teachers and students. He underlined the importance of alternate experiments in education and exhorted all attending persons to have the courage to follow the path of exploration even if one had to do it alone.

'Learning at Bodhshala' is written by Rajan Venkatesh, who ran the school at SIDH for four years. His experiments in education revolved around a Production-Integrated Basic Education programme inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's 'Buniyadi Shiksha.' Venkatesh sought to implement a curriculum which would re-orient the school to its community. To this end, the students set-up a seed bank, assisted in the farming and production of various spices and herbs, and learnt crafts like carpentry and tailoring.

The book has been co-published by SIDH and Other India Press of Mapusa, Goa. It is priced at Rs. 190/- 

Monday, December 8, 2014 - 2:30pm
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