Teaching English as a Second Language

Basic Reading and Writing Course for Teaching English as a Second Language

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Basic Information

This course is mainly designed for those students who take English as their second language.

Lesson plan Details

(All day)
  • To impart the Basic Reading and Writing Skills for the students who have Second Language as English.
  • To Prepare students for next level of learning.
  • To show Null set in unknown Basic English Readers or Writers.
  • To Clear the fear of learning English among students.
  • Identify the intelligence and ignorance level of students in English language from a classroom evaluation.
  • Separate the students into 3 cadres , where each cadre is for Each stage. This course is divided into three stages. The stage course is given as an improvement given for the level identified students. It is not the continuation or a step by step process.
  • Time for each class should be 45 min - 1 hr per day.
  • It is necessary to read each line thoroughly before every Session.
  • Both Bilingual and Only English should be used in Teaching to achieve the purpose.
  • The links given for the additional boosting should be used for Complete learning.
  • In the first day of learning alone, Mother Tongue phonic sounds are matched or correlated. Not the other days. Stress this to children also.
  • No combining of multiple Topics together in a day as they are Beginner.
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