The resources in TOI were user generated. This is the key principle behind the teacher’s portal.  As shared earlier, the Teacher Portal is a space for teachers to interact, discuss and reflect and share resources. Resources will be moderated by TOI, so as to ensure quality, relevance and appropriateness. The editors and SMEs of TOI, language experts and online peer reviewers will be handling all the resources.

TOI resources can be broadly categorized into Classroom Resources and resources for Teacher Development. Classroom Resources are those that teachers can use in class and they include Lesson Plans, Activities, Worksheets, Presentations, Games, Videos, E-books etc. Resources for Teacher Development are those that will help teachers grow professionally and they include Articles, Presentations, Audio and video files etc, that deal with the latest trends in pedagogy, educational psychology and successful practices in other parts of the world

In more detail, the resources are:-

  • Lesson Plans:- capture innovative teaching ideas and practices. They provide detailed and specific lesson objectives, strategy of instruction and assessment which the teacher can implement in the classroom. If you develop similar innovative lesson plans, do share with us. Contribute!

  • Activities:- are suggested tasks that teachers can use in class to either introduce a concept, develop a concept or to review the outcome of the learning experience. You are welcome to share any such interesting activity that you have experimented with. Contribute!

  • Articles:- are essays on particular topics across subjects, teaching methods, approaches and philosophy that teachers can use for their own development. If you have been inspired by similar articles, do consider sharing them with us. Contribute!

  • Images:- are related to the learning resources. TOI has provided an image bank in the teacher’s portal itself. You can search for images of different kinds -  illustrations, infographics, color photos etc. If you have any to share, please Contribute!

  • Audio resources:- These audio recordings of interviews, speeches and audio books can be used by the teachers as meaningful classroom resources. If you come across or create similar audio resources, do share them with us. Contribute!

  • Videos:- are on different topics that can be used as classroom resources and for enabling teacher development. If you record an event or an experience that might inspire others, please don’t forget to share it with us! Contribute!

  • Worksheets:- are specially prepared exercises designed to improve students' knowledge or understanding of a particular subject. They can be used to assess  different levels of thinking and understanding. If you design similar worksheets, feel free to share them with us. Contribute!

  • E-books:-  are electronic versions of printed books that can be read on a computer. Do suggest the names of similarly inspiring eBooks that you come across. Contribute!

About the contributors:

All the resources on the come from diverse sources across the nation, and perhaps from outside its boundaries. While the creates some resources, most of them have been contributed by partner organizations and enthusiastic individuals—teachers as well as non-teachers. Each resource is published with the name and credentials of the contributor.

Any individual or organization can directly upload their resource on Our editors review the submissions for appropriateness, and then publish them on the portal or reply to the contributor with comments.

Any individual or organization who wants to publish their resources on a regular basis, but do not have the time or manpower to spare, for uploading, may please contact us for a content partnership. We collaborate to promote quality resources. Once the partnership is agreed upon, our team will take care of the processing and uploading of the resources.

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