Story to tell, activity to do

Samira doesn't like the lunch her mother has packed in her tiffin box. All her animal friends feel bad for her and offer her their lunch. Read out all about Samira's lunchtime adventure (eBook is attached below)...and then let your second graders attempt the activities based on the story.

This is from Pratham Books

  • Author  Bharati Jagannathan
  • Illustrator  Preeti Krishnamurthy
  • Reading Level  2 is suitable for children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help.

Sound Cloud presents you the audio story. This recording was made possible by Radio Mirchi's MIRCHI CARES initiative. 

The Activity

GUIDELINE FOR TEACHER: Activity 1 helps the teacher assess the prior knowledge of the child. Activity 2 helps the children identify the objects looking at the images. Activity 3 helps children learn new 'acting words' or 'doing words' (action verbs).

An activity for the teacher as well!

The creative teacher in you is invited to rewrite your own version of the story at Pratham's flagship project Story Weaver

Download Document: samira-s-awful-lunch_1.pdf
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