Discussing Stereotyping in your classroom

This ebook Non-Bengali written by Joyeeta Dey and illustrated by Priyanka Kumar discusses the problems of stereotyping. Teachers who are interested in this topic can read this book and think about some interesting activities to deliberate upon stereotypes in our society... Some of the interesting points made on stereotyping in this book are given below:

  • Stereotypers risk sounding like fools.
  • In stereotyping we risk carrying forward the legacies of racism.
  • In stereotyping we ignore the reality of change.
  • In stereotyping we exaggerate differences.
  • While stereotyping, are we merely trying to congratulate ourselves?
  • In stereotyping, we all miss out.

The book has been produced by PeaceWorks - an initiative of Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata.


Download Document: nonbengali-lowres.pdf
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