Would NCERT/CBSE aligned middle school math teacher development resources benefit you? Would love to know your thoughts.......

By keyachanda | Jan 13, 2016

Dear Teacher,
Don’t Memorise is a Mumbai based social enterprise. We are passionate about creating captivating online educational resources, primarily tailored to meet the needs of students in India, that are freely accessible. In just 2 years dontmemorise.com has a comprehensive online library of approximately 1100 math related videos which are regularly accessed by individuals from India and over 160 other countries. Our YouTube channel also averages 70,000 monthly views and our resources are embedded in a number of other prominent educational websites.
We have been approached by a leading Indian philanthropic fund to create specific teacher training resources, complementing our NCERT/CBSE aligned middle school math videos. These will be primarily aimed to assist teachers across the country who don’t have access to adequate training material/resources. We hope to share them here too! To ensure our resources meet teachers’ professional development requirements we are collecting valued feedback. We would really appreciate if you could take 15 minutes to go through our demo resources and complete the feedback form at the end. Not only will your feedback go a long way in supporting your fellow teachers but also the students they teach.
The resources can be accessed at http://bit.ly/TTResource. Please note this link is not easily accessible via a tablet/mobile device. Once the link is open the presentation may take a few minutes to load. To go through the presentation please use the right arrow key, the mouse (scroll wheel) can be used to zoom in and out.
The feedback form can be accessed within the presentation or at http://bit.ly/FeedbackTTR. Feedback taken is totally anonymous. No personal details are required nor will the Web Link Collector store your IP address.
Many thanks in advance,

Global Learning Consultant @ Don't Memorise

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