Will CCE system be able to highlight the constructive- significance of Technology in education?

By neha.dixit.chauhan | Mar 20, 2013

In India Technology in Education is restricted to computerscience education in classes . But with the new grading system continuous evaluation of students comprehensively will require teachers to adopt innovative teaching practices(multimedia tools, smartboards etc.) and in a way a chance to upgrade themselves. 

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Technological overhaul of teaching learning process will strike a chord with today's tech-savvy generation!

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its true that education in India is restricted to computerscience education in classes but not in metro cities. Schools are becoming advance and started using smart classes.
Teachers in Rural India should also adopt innovative teaching practices to give advance education to children. There are many Platforms like Educomp, Teded and MagicPathshala which are providing really great learning material :)


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yes nandini, that's true and in a way to be conversant with these smart tools teachers have to adapt and learn smartly. "Teaching" is a never ending "Learning" process which should be executed with energy and enthusiasm.

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Thats true, but the teachers in Urban areas are not that much capable to adopt to the latest technoligies.
I think need of educating the teachers in that area.

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But the change has arrived and is here to stay if we dont adapt we will soon extinct!!

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I think that the syllabus is quiet old and needs to be updated.


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Dear Aurora,
why adding link to HP inks???...Yes really syllabus to be updated, to make people to think.

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CCE has got its own benefits since those who are not good in academics can cover it up by displaying their skills in sports, arts, music, humanities etc.
Regular performance review helps the student to identify his/her areas of development .
with the demand for focusing on various activities to improve the rating, the students are compelled to focus on projects than just the academic studies.
This type of evaluation from the day he (a student) enters school till the day he leaves, records should be maintained so that one can see (monitor) vertical improvement. Also, horizontal improvement can comprehensively take into account not only knowledge but also beliefs, values and skills, proficiencies, like music arts and sports.
However, adopting new technologies in cce may be somewhat a difficult task for the teachers who are at a low soft skills in rural areas.

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Thanks for the support Neha, i am totally agree with your thoughts!!
Mr. Aurora and Mr. K Gopi, yes a regular review on performance and syllabus updation can help in the development of Indian education system but with this we need to follow worldwide teaching methods for the better learning of kids!!

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