Why Commercialization of education? Are values for Sale?

By Hussain-60 | May 19, 2016

After Independence Our educational system was designed in the Modern lines, introducing Scientific development, research for advance research exploration.
But unfortunately we could not provide better quality of schooling from primary to High school level, here were we could develop a child's personality and mold them to be a best Human.
There are very unfortunate children who could even go to school, due to poverty. The government failed to implement Right to education and free compulsory education to all, free education to girls.
A Nation can be seen developed not by its economy but by its literal percentage.
"MERE BHARAT MAHAN" is possible only when we eradicate illiteracy from our country.
After 2000 commercialization of education has lead to number of problems in schools, colleges and universities.
Hope we all understand this issue and concern and seriously think of Indianization of our educational system.

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