What is the role of technology in the classroom today?

By editor_en | Aug 28, 2012

Technology has made its way into our personal and social lives. But as a teacher, what role do you see technology play in the classroom? 

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I see technology playing great role in both in our teacher and student development. The idea of classroom as a brick and mortar establishment need a revision keeping in mind the pace as which the technology is developing. It is a good thing that our lives are connected through various social media sites and technology , what it does is that it gives a ready platform for students and teachers alike to interact with each other.Having said that and given that various social media site have been in use for last 5 to 6 years , we have not seen any use of the above for education purpose in classroom or otherwise . There might be few exceptions to these though.
Therefore it is important to have a social media platform catering to the needs to teachers and students. A platform that will aid the classroom during the school hours but do not limit learning to schools. A platform if shared and improved by number of teachers and students in the country will become a great equalizer.
A sincere effort to create such knowledge networking site is underway by a team of techies passionate about learning.Visit www.aavyd.com , we will be happy to include as many teachers and student for taking feedback.

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