We Are The Salt #teachers matter#

By Megha Ojha | Apr 6, 2020

Teachers’ job is great. They come home early, have ample family time, many holidays and icing on the cake is the paid summer break. Teachers get to hear all these comments very frequently from the society. A friend was recently wondering why teachers are being paid during the Corona lock down when kids are sitting at home.

Situation like this is very infuriating for many of us. It is very difficult when people undermine the hard work teachers put in and give less importance to the work that they do. Everybody wants the best teacher for their child but nobody looks forward or talks about making their child one.

According to a study conducted in America, teaching is the fourth most stressful job. Most teachers deal with a lot of stress. They have to be well prepared every day, and yet they get very little down time, none, really, while students are present. This profession involves so much planning, impeccable execution, corrections, assessments, PR; and mind you, this is all at individual level and on daily basis. The list of ECA(s) and CCA(s) is exhausting.

People think that teachers have good work schedules. But teachers take a lot more of their work home with them than other professionals.

Few things that the teachers’ community can do to change the perception of the community toward the teaching profession:

1) Take pride in being a teacher- Remember the reasons why you chose this profession and why you love it. Remember the kick that you get from happy students. And give you profession importance.

2) Raise your standards and improve your worth- Always keep upgrading your skills, hone your craft and be open to learn and try different things

3) Solidarity and camaraderie- Stand together as a unit and never tolerate being undermined. In times of need, management and staff should be each other’s solid support.

4) Patience with parents- Understand and empathize with parents but be ready to be judged by them. There would be times when low grades of a child will be blamed on you.

5) Awareness- Awareness about the importance and seriousness of this profession starts from your home, friends and family. They see you working hard; therefore it comes naturally to them.

5) Remuneration – It is a universal fact that the governments can do much better when it comes to teacher salaries. It is sad but true that many people do not consider it as one of their professional choices for this reason. We would attract many talented people if competitive salaries are offered.

The intention behind writing this piece is not to sing praise songs, but to change the perception of the community toward this profession. We want the future generation to value teachers. We want them to understand that when we walk into a classroom, we hold the power to impact the young minds every day. I can’t think of any other profession doing that.

We are like salt. Most people don’t realize the importance of salt. No matter how many rich ingredients you add to your dish, if it is not seasoned, your dish is no good to eat. But a well seasoned dish puts you on cloud nine.

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