Understanding school context

By saswati | Sep 14, 2012

How many teachers in India start their careers understanding the context of the school? Teachers must understabnd their students first and then only they can plan for their teaching activities.

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How would you suggest teachers go about this? Please share your ideas.

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I think before they posting as a teachers they should have a training about understanding students and their background, so that they can teach effectively in the classroom.

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Teachers should be hired for a specific school as opposed to a generic pool and getting to work at any school. If we were to do this some of the requirements of understadning the context will be met as part of the process. Some part of it could be through a school induction program that covers the history of the school, the social mileu, community, preferably done by senior teachers who have spent a fair amount of time in the school.

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if teacher tries to understand the students mheranagements misunderstands the teacher in private schools.

The curriculum load and others donkey's work which managements are thrusting on teachers give a very little scope for this.

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Part-time 'teachers', 'teachers' with political ideologies as a brazen agenda, teachers without the sensitivity to respect (socioeconomic, cultural, learning style, gender) differences will do more harm. After being 'schooled' for 17 long years and then suddenly being exposed to different pedagogic approaches to teaching& learning, we are expecting TOO much from a thoroughly conditioned student-teacher (if not the teacher educator herself).

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No training can prepare you to understand students. Its only when we interact with them on one to one basis that we truely understand them.

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that is well said. i am teaching in a rural, coastal area. When I started the career the children only come to school because they will get noon meal free. The poverty was at the peak that tie, me. it is o hard to dissolve the equation and the letters in front of that.

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