Textbooks – a key link in traditional teaching methodology

By go2saurav | Jul 21, 2015

I was doing some research work to analyse the Content Delivery mechanisms among School, Teachers, Parents and Students. These are the key stakeholders in the Education ecosystem and effective communication among them is very critical. There are some interesting observations which I am putting across through a few articles to get your views.

Let me starting with the traditional method of teaching, which many of us went through during our schooling. There was no internet, mobiles and digital classroom solutions then. The curriculum was designed by the boards (CBSE or ICSE or State Education Boards) and delivered to students in classroom by Teachers through Textbooks or Notebooks.

I believe the traditional form of teaching developed an effective content delivery mechanism from Teachers to Students and Parents through Textbooks. Textbooks were the common link among the stakeholders in the ecosystem, which all of them used to refer. Teachers will teach Students from the Textbooks, Students will carry these Textbooks to homes and Parents will refer the Textbooks to revise the subjects. The practice exercises were either limited to Textbook exercises or additional exercises made by teachers and sent through notebooks. This mechanism ensured that the communication gap among the Teacher, Students and Parents is limited and all of them were in sync on the content that needs to be consumed.

While the introduction of new technologies has significantly enhanced the content quality and content customization, I believe that the traditional Textbook driven mechanism effectively linked the efforts of the Teachers, Students and Parents.
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