TED winner "Mitra" warns teachers to be ready for change

By ramanatha.sastry | Aug 12, 2013

“I do not know, I don’t know if there’s a teacher inside us but there’s a learner inside us and that learner, anyway learns all the time. It’s just that he decides what he wants to learn, what is important and what is not important. So if we don’t turn the learner on properly then (it) they doesn’t learn. And I think what some of my Workshops show is that the learner can get  that done by curiosity and by mystery not so much by threat. You can’t say to a learner: now you must learn, he can’t control it if the little learner inside says: “sorry”, then that’s it.”

Well as I’ve said we need some changes in teachers’ training programmes pretty several changes… but most importantly we need a change in the examination system, otherwise my work would appear to be against teachers. It is not against teachers, it is against the kind of teaching the teachers have to do, because of the examination system.”



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I am agreed to what Dr Sastry is saying. Today as we find that most of the teachers have joined the profession by compulsion not by choice so the mind set has to be changed . Next point is that most of new joinees are out come of our examination system which had motto basically to find deficiency - but now we have to train the teachers for ASSESSMENT i.e. find good points in each child.
I am sure all the teacher's training institutes have started working in this direction and wishing all the best. The collective efforts of all will surely give positive results. Dr Rajesh Sharma

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Hi! I want to share a thought which I had recently come across and I really felt bad about this thought because a teacher is within me . I recently came across a thought of higher authoriites of a school saying when the parents come for PTM we just need to tell positive things and always say only good about the child the reason given was now a days parents do not want to hear any negative comment about their child. Ok also it was said that if we say something negative about the child it will affect our school business and the parent may withdraw his/her child and admit in some other school. My part of teacher reflected on this issue and made me think if school is just a part of bussiness centre and not learning centre then are we giving and making right citizens for the future. How far are we building good citizens for future if we cannot discuss with the parent about their child. Think ...............

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Hello Ms. Rajani. Due to some technical issue with this site I am not able to login all these days, and now I am logging in with other id I created. I don’t know what is wrong either with them or me.
However let me share my views on your comment. Feeling teacher inside is not a wrong. However the authority may be filed to convince the message. It is not to tell the parents the weakness of their ward, but the way to convey is more important. It is always better to inform me parents without a any reservations. However just do little research on providing positive feedback to the parents on internet. You find good number of resources, instead of posting then here, as I am unaware of the specific situations with your students. Please feel free to correspond for a any assistance.
With best wishes,
Ramanatha Sastry

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Dear Mr. Sastry,
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