Teacher-learner rapport in this era...

By ramasita | Nov 14, 2013

In this post-colonial era, learners are UNDERPINNED obviously, by TECHNOLOGY. So nowadays, as it is expected, teachers really need to be very alert and smart as students grew smarter....A Teacher in this era must update him/herself to give their students loads of / plethora of latest information/data,
before the computer gives them...SO WE ARE NOW, IN A SITUATION TO UPDATE OURSELVES BOTH in Technology and Subject. If it is done the rapport between a teacher and learner will be really interactive and effective, which will be reflected in their performance too... agree???//:)))

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I completely agree. Most of the classroom indiscipline could be avoided if the teaching is application based. To make it happen teacher has to update and add his own additional learning inputs to the subjects.

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ya, thank you sonali,....have a gud and peaceful n8888.....

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