Sensitive children

By VENI.R | Nov 7, 2012

Why do we find children now-a-days over sensitive?  Is it because we as adults have lost our sensitivity towards the world and other fellow human beings?

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Children are now being over sensitive because of the lack of exposure to the real world. They are almost in a cocoon sort of life and barely exposed to the challenges of life to their level. Most of the time they do not know to react to situations other than to show anger.
Your next question of lack of our sensitivity, we are going to pay a bigger price for this attitude of ours. The adults are the role models of the children and this attitude of the adults is driving home a message to be more selfish and materialistic to the younger ones.

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I would like to put it this way that why do we find the children over sensitive , now when we put ourselves also in the perspective ,we can analyse it better. Aren't we as parents and teachers over emotional(sensitive).As I visualize it is because we are not very happy with what we are doing ,what we are getting and so this over reaction to small issues in life are trickled to our children in school, at home and then to our society,
I believe that we as elders should try to understand the new generation and update or bring up the positive thinking in ourselves and pass on to our children,

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children sensitivity depends on the brought up by the parents. earlier there were more number of children in the family and joint family system had options to share, care, fight and become friends, not individual attention it was group attention, parents never interfered in children issue, they solve their problems untill and unless it is very serious. But now in the small cozy family with one or two children, over care, over attention, too much of pampering and not allowing them to mingle with neighbouring children, getting things done immediately even if it is difficult to parents, have made them sensitive.
i think we should bringup the children to know both good and bad of the society, they should realise the financial crisis, mingle with other all category, all class, all levels of children. this will strengthen them both physically and mentally.

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Of course that is also some problem. Over caring for the children also causes this over sensitivity. Because they expect the same from the whole world. And they cannot fulfill their care needs. Thank you. really thank you for bringing this topic for discussion.

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