Role of Non-Government Organisations in improving teaching standards in India

By Kumar589 | Jul 14, 2016

For any program to be successful we need a third eye , it could be watchful or a guiding hand.
In the field of education also we have educational institutes and then we have regulatory body. Both have their role defined but a third party NGO firm doing research in the area of improvement of education or providing consultancy to institutes is also important. These organisations are neutral and come to know of practical problems of both side. They can prepare research reports time to time and work closely with regulatory body to prepare new norms to overcome shortcomings, and also they can work with institutes to follow the regulations & norms setup by government. They act like a bridge between these two parties. Best part is they are free to speak on each other behalf to others.
They even become statistical base as they collect a lot of data over a period of time. These stats and knowledge can be utilized in preparing the future regulations.
Consultancy bodies like QCI ( & EDCIL ( are great example.
Government should also promote other private companies to do so to improve the standards of teaching/education standards in India.

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