revolutionize class room practices

By tribhuvan | Oct 3, 2012

The traditional concept of learnign in the class room is to be changed. Learners are given ample freedom and choice to learn according to their pace of learning. modern facilities such as e-learnign prigrams are applied, burden of carrying books and sitting laboriously in the class room can be avoided. Learnign time can be changed for better results.

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Teaching is not just chalk, talk, blackboard only. Learning is not exam & marks only. When we step out of the confined four walls we are open for real learning. Teachers & parents need to be guided more than the child.

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well said.

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Good topic to discuss. Let me also put in my view.

To revolutionize a classroom, we need to first revolutionize teachers. We cannot expect teacher who have imbibe, practice and lived through the "traditional teaching method" to adapt to the "new teaching method" without extensive guidance.

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I agree with Goukhanlam!

It is the teachers who ahve the control in classrooms and until we equip them with the right tools they will be lost. And we tend to forget that most of the kids in India are first generation learners so until the parents are not educated and informed it becomes a difficult task.

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