Resources for NCERT Economics for class11/12

By Siddharth | Jan 17, 2015

Dear Friends, I work with a low income school and majority of our students are from disadvantaged backgrounds. I finding it a bit difficult to present/explain Economics for the said classes in a more engaging way. Please can you kindly suggest some resources/activities to help me develop my skills in reaching out to my students. Thanks a lot. Siddharth

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i know Sidharth, its bit difficult for the students of specially XI level to explain the 'applied ' Economics. I can help out with inputs if could be more specific with topics in which you want to seek help.I had been teaching NCERT syllabus at various states for 14 years.

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Actually rural scenarios present amazing opportunities and examples of what could be rather complex economics. One of the Ekalavya textbooks (I think class VI or VII) uses the whole story of the tendu leaves to explain ecomnomics and most of its concepts.
I will try and find the exact bok, but yeah a very good starting point might be the daily lives and surroundings of the children themselves. How do they manage the economics in their home? If they know shopkeepers or selllers, their stock/money calculations etc .... and from then you can propbably link to other concpets and so on

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