Resistance among Teachers towards Technology & Innovation

By parveenwrites | Apr 9, 2015

We are experiencing a challenge to survive! Teachers have never been open to such critical scrutiny and control as they have been placed today. The transformation of education into education industry has brought the corporate mechanism. Teachers are facing Students, as well as the administration.
In this scenario of high-pressure and strictness, teachers are resisting Technology. I have observed two reasons: 1. their own discomfort and insecurity in adopting innovation 2. Lack/Absence of Administrative/Organisational Support.
I want to know, what used to hinder your path in using EdTech and what you see is stopping your colleagues?

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Parveen : I believe you brought this topic for discussion earlier with EdTech. There have been interesting responses to that. So I am not sure if this post is looking for something different ; if so, I would like to know.

Let us also not connect innovation and EdTech since they are not the same. Innovation is much larger in spread and reach that EdTech ; EdTech could be a part of it.

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Thanks for the concerned reply and precise drilling.
I want to deliberate only on the resistance part-because of Administration/Organisational reasons or the reluctance on the part of the teacher himself!

I second each word that you have said about Innovation and EdTech. Innovation is surely much vast than edtech.

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I believe all of such resistances will melt down, once our schools move away from mass and rote learning and template based evaluations to more personalized education.

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More and more I am realising that the resistance is not to technology per se. It is often to changes - changes that are imposed top-down than being jointly discussed, improvement measures wherein teachrs themselves have had an equal say and have been their decision.

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