Punitive Actions to Teach Discipline and Subject

By parveenwrites | Sep 29, 2016

There has been news about teachers beating the children at school or scolding them badly. We who say that we have learnt from stric teachers can not favour the beatings today. It is not about child-rights or about human rights. I wish to ask, Do the Teachers beat kids because they know less of teaching (might be full of knowledge)? What approach a school should have about inculcating discipline and stopping Punitive Actions?

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There could be many reasons why teachers go to the extent of punishing students - physically or mentally not realizing the fact that it worsens the situation rather than being beneficial to either. It is an accepted fact that the expectations from Teachers of today have grown manifold. Teachers experience a lot of stress whether it may be due to the shortage of time or lack of appropriate skills to handle the challenges of growing indiscipline among students. The net result is inability to cope leading to frustration which ultimately gets manifested into actions that affect the self-esteem of the child. To add further it can go to the extent of a Teacher quitting the job or getting suspended/terminated. It is a vicious cycle and as the saying goes 'Prevention is better than cure' - it is important that the School Leaders design a comprehensive Code of Conduct immune to bias both for Students and Staff and if necessary even for Parents. Once made clear to all the stakeholders the task is to consciously practice the code without any deviation or amendments. Only then can we build in a culture of harmony at all places in the School building which promotes a conducive learning environment among students. Otherwise the battle of resolving these issues of discipline continues which brings negativity in the minds of all those associated with the institution. Perhaps a school should be the last place to encourage such attitude of negativity in the young minds.

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a single teacher can not maintain the discipline. all staff of the school need to be indulged in this cause. but mostly it does not happen, where staff coordination is good, there problem of indiscipline and punitive action against the students is negligible.

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