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By shobha@siva | Jul 14, 2015

I am a parent of a ten year old kid. Right from when he has been in class 1 I have had this great confusion regarding place value of a given integer in a number. The way I have learnt during my school and the way my son is being taught are two entirely different things.
For Eg: In the Number 25,43,916 if the place value of the integer 4 is asked during my school days we were taught to write as Ten Thousand as it is the place occupied by the integer in the given number. But for the same question my son is now made to write as forty thousand which I feel is wrong. Forty Thousand is the value of the integer in the given number and not the value of the place it occupies in the given number. Please help me. Have tried online searches for the same and I get back the answer as what I have learnt in my school days as correct. Please can someone clarify. My son refuses to accept my teaching as they will cut marks If he writes according to my system.

Thank you

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1st, of all it's meaningless to say "in the number 25,43,916 if the place value of the *integer* 4 is asked": 2543916 IS an integer, 2, 5, 4, 3, 9, 1, 6 are digits that make this integer in decimal system. So 4 here is a digit and NOT an integer. Please don't mix up digits with integers!

2nd, it is crucial that children are able to see the expanded form of a given number i.e. 916 = 900 + 10 + 6 or 43916 = 40000 + 3000 + 900 + 10 + 6 since that is what we use in the different algorithms when we add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate square root etc. So in my opinion, it is more important to understand that the 4 in 2543916 basically is 40000 or forty thousand. And of course 10000 or ten thousand is used to get there.

According to
The face value of the digit 4 in 2543916 is 4
the value of the place of this digit is 10, 000
The value of this digit depending on the place it occupies within the number i.e. place-value of the digit is 4 x 10000 = 40,000

According to
The face value of the digit 4 in 2543916 is 4 (same as before)
It clearly doesn't tell what the place value is
Value of the digit = 4 x 10000 = 40000 just as before

So I think it is more important to that the child understands the expanded form how each digit represents its face value times the value of the place it occupies, e.g. 2543916 = 2 x 1000000 + 5 x 100000 + 4 x 10000 + 3 x 1000 + 9 x 100 + 10 + 6 = 2000000 + 500000 + 40000 + 3000 + 90 + 10 + 6 rather than nitpick on the terminology.

Hope this helps...

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sir please observe
Place of the number
Place value of the number

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Watch this khan academy video on place value

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