Performance of Government Schools.

By lakshmi.k | Nov 5, 2012

How can the performance of Government Schools be improved? Suggestions please.


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Our education is in a huge vicious circle.First we have to question what performance is?Is it the academic alone or is there anything holistic to be expected from our education system?
The system works superficially.Results are shown in figures,but what is really going on in the regular class rooms is very important.
In the new curriculum framework there is much scope for learning rather than mugging question and answer.
Learning is a natural process.We can only provide proper environment for right kind of learning.
We need to go to the roots.By simple tips we may improve the pass percentages but it is not so easy to bring the best from every child.
Hope these new changes may bring improvement .

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It is true that the education system works superficially. Its only when children appear for their board exams parents and the education departments are bothered about figures. When education is holistic right from the elementary results are always positive, be it in figures or in performance.
Many Government school students in their ninth grade are unable to read a paragraph in their medium of instruction. Who is responsible for such a pathetic situation? What are the steps that a math teacher can take in improving the child's language first and then his/her knowledge in maths (Of course maths is a language itself but still...)?

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To effectively increase the quality of our education, first, we need the support from our government. If the government can only give us proper and adequate budget for our education facilities, then we can efficiently improve the quality of our education.

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In fact, nowadays the people's hesitation to bring their children to a government public school is the major problem that we have faced. Here many government schools got very good infrastructure and they are all still lacking the student head count to keep the existing divisions. That is the really sad scenario. Thank you for bringing this topic up.

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