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By nehardave | Mar 1, 2013

Hello all teachers,

Just wanted to discuss on how we can have online learning more effective. A teach can create her own content only (Which is unique to her/him) and can send out assignments to the student and it gets graded :) !! 

Also we can have a system which has more of interactive Questions and Assignment then it will keep the students engageed and learn more.




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Hello Neha ji

To begin with you need to have a stong belief that online education would bring make the teaching learning porcess more effective and student friendly.

Please begin with creating a website of your own and use it to post your content. Creating such a website is free.

If possible please visit my website



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nice website @k.vishwanath ji

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Hi Neha,
Online learning is very good, to track student performance, post assignments, collect them, grade them, manage the grades / attendance. ALso help in discussion between the students and also with the tutor. We can also give feedback on the submitted assignment. ANd much more can be achieved. this is a popular tool thats been used for such activities.

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Hello Viswanath,
With online learning all the content can be clubbed together and teacher can assign the same every year. And have time to add more better assignments every year. Also if assesment of daily paper is done online then teacher is free to be innovative. I check out your website and it's really good.

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Hi Balaji,
Yes moodle is good but may not have more interactive question types or Games. Not sure if gaming with learning a good option? can be a debat in itself.

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In present scenario when internet is fixing its root deep in all fields of life..........we can't ignore the future of online education. but it is sure it will be also a tool of teaching not full n final.
One can use online learning with many ways.....but most preferred what one need
that is searched and read according has too much flexibility and use of resources found on net is too much.
I have done an experiment in this line and made a website for general knowledge .....and in 18 months found 12 lacs visits.

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I would like to add my two cents in... I feel online education cannot take away from the traditional teaching methods. It should supplement or support class-room teaching. We need to realize that in most of the cases we are teaching to first generation learner/users who while aware of the internet dont yet have the dedication to use it completely for education purpose.

That said, I also feel that teachers can use the support of such tools to make classrooms more effective and have more efficiency. Case in point: I use some of the videos, songs, worksheets and charts from Magic Pathshala and Khan Academy and This site. I think it helps but I also need to control what my kids watch.

If you want u can check out the site

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Google is the Answers of your questions. You can search and analyze the college on Google.

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This is a very cool idea that you have brought. The online learning is a very effective way. i have one more suggestion too. We should inspire the kids to use the internet very effectively for the study purpose. Most of the students stick with the social networking sites like Facebook. The internet is really narrowed to those sites for them. We should find a better way to inspire them to use the internet wisely to hunt down the treasures of the knowledge.

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