By shuchi | Jul 15, 2013

is sharing our student life experinces with pupil in class is fruitful or not ?

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Ask students to share their experiences, or invite parents to share their the days have changed the role models also changed...unfortunately the role of teacher...or tell a story in the form of third persons experience....

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for motivating students is it necessary to award them for best in school activities like writing , copy , etc

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i think awarding them for best in activities is must. this really motivates them. but You can get best results if it is done informally(like in classes) .however if its a competition held at platforms like school level, generally a small section of students go for it and that is the point where a teacher's role actually come into play .

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some students in class specially in senior classes argument unnecessary , how to tack care of them and how to convert there negative energy in positive ??????????????

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for the 10th board students is course completion is only aim ? how to make there course interesting?

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