Motivating School Students

By ravi_bolsani | May 24, 2015

Is it good to motivate students by providing them info like who is their MLA Collector MP and successful personalities like Jucker berg Mukesh AMbani and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to encourage them.

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For students, it is always interesting to find out about "real" people. Discussions on people's attempts, trials, successes, failures, motivations and decision-making strategies -- stories of people in business, technology, entertainment, etc., would not only be effective in motivating students but would also expose them to real-life scenarios.

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Is it good? Life of people are always good - there's much to learn from them - be it good or bad.
Although, I think the teacher should be very sure about why s/he is mentioning XYZ personality to her/his students. What from their lives do you want children to learn?
A bit of digging into the personalities mentioned above itself can bring out other sides and aspects which we might not be prepared for.
Also, why should lives of other personalities be about motivation alone? Or encouragement alone? Link it to the socio-cultural times, look at the important events related to their lives, the places that they travelled to - what about them - I think once can come up with a lot more interesting ways to read up lives of people than aiming at 'motivating' students. [It's lives of teachers/parents that first motivate/demotivate children than a far off personality]

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