Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013

By himanshu_mitr@y... | Jun 22, 2013

Mathematics of Planet Earth is an Ambitious Activity, This is being carried out and being lead by NCERT.

Kindly guide us also for this effort, and Leave suggestions by which we could ensure the participation of the students from a very Remote area of Uttarakhand.

Kindly tell also what is the age group for the participation.

Suggestions can also be sent tome by SMS or by a call on 9456322307,


Himanshu Pandey Mitr, Convener


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Mathematics of the Planet Earth means aspects of the earth where mathematics can be used like for example latitudes and longitudes, aphelion and perihelion need a lot of geometry to be understood. when we talk about the structure of the earth too we dont realise that the crust on which we live is a very tiny layer width wise but these things are better understod when we take the mathemathics of the earth into consideration.

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well I am associated with lot of blogs like and Appspcdownload. I also want to promote your cause as I want to contribute to the society. I have also been a part of UNNATI project that has been started by Uttarakhand Government to strengthen the functional and Spoken English in Class IX and X. That would be great if got such opportunity.

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