Looking for content developers in Math

By Aarthi | Jun 17, 2015


I am looking for content developers in Math for Mindsaprk (www.mindspark.in). Mindspark is a computer-based programme that helps children learn Mathematics. It is designed to adapt itself to the learning needs of the children.

Mindspark is one of the offerings from Educational Initiatives (www.ei-india.com), a 11-year old organization that works on school education by doing research into how children think. We make products focused on nurturing a child’s learning with understanding. Educational Initiatives is working with private and government schools by creating effective assessment and learning solutions. EI works or has worked with Google, the World Bank, most leading private schools in India, the Dell Foundation and many state governments in this area.

We are looking for people who would like to create an impact and make a difference in the education system. The role we are recruiting is 'Educational Specialist (ES)'.

Job Description

1. Researching and understanding the Science of Learning by reading pedagogy related research work, analysing EI’s rich student response data, conducting student interviews and interacting with teachers to figure out how children think and learn. Fair component of data mining, data analysis in Excel is preferred. Optional: Some work in SQL programming.
2. Using this research to build discerning questions and create interactive content like maths games, enrichment modules, etc to help children learn with understanding online. Optional: Coding the same in HTML5 by the person
3. Building notes that highlight misconceptions based on the data and insights, and providing tips to address the same. Think of creative ways to reduce and remove these misconceptions.
4. Networking and collaborating with research institutes and scholars in India and globally to understand and implement their high quality work.
5. Publish papers in international education journals and presentations at TEDx type events.
6. Do mini-projects from start to finish that aims to solve a big problem and allow for a “entrepreneurial” experience

Desired Profile/Skills:

1. Academic brilliance in High School and college, being in the top 20% in your batch throughout
2. Interested in delving deep into Maths, Science and English and how kids learn
3. Excited about creating learning and IT solutions that will impact children and transform education
4. Ability to do quick math
5. Penchant for research- ability to interpret research papers written on Math, Science and Language along with strong quantitative and qualitative research skills
6. Should enjoy working in a team and across teams (within the Mindspark Development team and the IT team)
7. Should enjoy healthy debates and arguments which are critical for insight development

Location -- Bangalore, Ahmedabad

If you are interested, please apply for the position at http://www.ei-india.com/online-application/ .

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