The Internet Big Bang Effect

By go2saurav | Aug 18, 2015

The next transitioning phase in the Education came with the introduction of Internet. While computers equipped Schools and Teachers with tools (computers, word documents, sheets and printers) to augment their existing teaching methods, it was the internet that brought the Big Bang shift with an explosion of sorts of data.

Internet acted as a solid reference point with plethora of information. Type any topic in Google and you will find not less than 10000 links ready with the content. Over time this has built a huge repository of data than can be referred by anyone with access to internet from anywhere. By this time computers also became affordable and fixed their place in our homes. So on one hand there was excess data available on each and every topic, on the other hand accessibility to the data was on an ever increasing trend.

I believe this is impacting the education in two major ways:

A) Content Development: Schools, Teachers, Educational Institutions and Academicians have access to data and research work/ resources prepared by their colleagues in other parts of the world. This has helped in transforming the Content Development process itself. We are now beyond the Textbook Approach which is getting very well complemented through innovate Content being developed and shared.

B) Content Delivery: Developing the desired Content is job well done. Next important step is to deliver this content effectively to the stakeholders. How do Schools and Teachers ensure the Content they are developing is getting delivered effectively to the Students and Parents in a structured manner? This is where Technology can again play a major role and maintain the connect among the School, Teachers, Students and Parents towards a common learning goal even when we are bombarded with overdose of data.

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