How to build character strengths in children?

By aksheyjawa | Apr 25, 2016

Dear all,

Can you please suggest how a school can teach character strengths or spiritual qualities like - love/compassion, fearlessness, honesty, will power, calmness/peace, patience, selflessness, etc ? Idea is not just to teach but help them build these strengths also.

I am looking for detailed reading material (like books) which can help me to build strategies to teach these skills to children of all age groups. I have found these three resources helpful:
1) Book named "Learned optimism”
2) Book named “How children succeed"
3) Social and Emotional learning programs which are being conducted in US schools. But I could not find any detailed account of what strategies they use to build these strengths.

If you know more resources (books, websites, etc) that could be helpful, kindly share with me.


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Model them.
Discuss them, asking children to share where they have seen such things happening and how they made them feel.
Look out for opportunities for such qualities to surface in the course of a regular day as well as through activities and projects that children enjoy.
Bring the children's attention to it through discussion asking them to also comment on what sort of internal and external states such behaviour creates.
Celebrate such occasions, celebrate movement towards them.

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First of all congratulations and my sincere best wishes. Rarely do we come across people genuinely interested in the spiritual or character building of children.
Currently my company, a curriculum development and franchise outsources firm is developing content to cater to this specific need.
We all have heard of Hitopedesha, Panchtantra and Aesops fables as children. These can be used to encourage children to understand the values we are wanting to develop in them. Making them help the needy, taking them to old age homes, asking them to donate their toys, clothes, books, etc. will also help them understand the importance of these values.
Have some reward system for children who exhibit some change in their outlook. The reward may just be giving them a silver star in front of the assembly. But it will make its mark for the child's entire life. Highlight the reason for giving the reward.
Ask them share one good deed they have done in the week.

These are just suggestions. Hope you find some useful information.

Best wishes

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Thanks for the tips. What is the name of your organization? Does it have a website?
Are there any similar organizations in Hyderabad?


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You are most welcome. Its a small contribution from a small individual to a person willing to inculcate value among children.My organization is based in Navi Mumbai. I can share the facebook link if you are interested as the website is under construction.

Wishing you all the best


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Very interesting topic, I have a teacher for 25 years taught in Middle High school & i have always tried my best to inculcate good habits, manners by way of giving task, story telling, writing. I have always read stories which inspires. To my opinion the first school for a child is her or his house where he/she learns everything from parents members of family good or bad. secondly the teacher should teach not only subjects but induce manners among them. Unfortunately the quality of education which we impart is not value based, either ethical, social, cultural etc we adopt the culture which is not ours. We are prone to western culture, which very shocking. Every parents teachers and educators should inculcate our Indian Cultural,
Sorry if I have said anything wrong. I love my country & proud of its rich cultural Heritage.

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