Happy Teacher's Day!

By editor_en | Sep 5, 2014

All of us at Teachers of India would like to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day! 

We would love to hear why you became a teacher. So do write to us here or send an email to teachers@azimpremjifoundation.org


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Tacher my sweetest dream job which I started thinking while I was in  5th grade of my school. I was in a company of 'masters" i.e we are frinds of five , fortunately sons of masters i.e  A Headmsater, School master & postmaster . Myself being in the latter category of masters  witnessed the beauty of teaching from my childhood by looking at a physics lecturer & probably I wanted to be a lecturer. In fact I became a lecturer in chemistry in 2000-2003 and then shifted to school principals job from 2004.I think my destiny was in teaching premises which I enjoys most. Today also i take class of chemistry of XI, XII regularly along with my normal administrative work.Simply I love to be with young kids, talk to them, stare at thier innocence & glued face, like the mischief they play.I love my school & Children very musch . After listening to PMs speech I think I have made right decision in my life to be a teacher & I will cherish this noblest job troughout my life.I belive students are the greatest treasure of Nation & it is my duty to nurture them, protect them & help them to realize their capability for nation building.B.N.Biswal,Principal, Sri sathya Sai Vidyaniketan, Navsari, Gujarat

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Thank you for sharing this with us. We'd love to hear more of your experiences as a teacher. We'd also appreciate your sending us some photographs. You can email these to teachers@azimpremjifoundation.org.

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 LIke my teacher friend Bibhuti I too derive immense pleasure in the class room when I see the mischievious students who always think the teacher doesn't understand their pranks ,the innocent misconception. Most of my teaching was with the Class XI - XII level students. Eventually I associated to 'teachindia' (TOI Spoken English Prog. for underprevileged)..Here I have all adult learners,but as I stand in front of the blackboard with class full of student I feel teacher and learner have the same connectionirrespective of their age..Same innocent eyes with lot of questions in their mind , expoecting teacher have solutions to all of them. O' I feel what a great responsibility God has showered on Us Teachers at the same time feel proud to bear this responsibility.  

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