FREE 15 GB Cloud Storage.

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 3, 2013

Cloud Storage:

Generally, teachers and students use 'pendirves'/ 'flahs drives' to carry files from school to home or to transfer from one system to other.These cloud storage free services are very much usefull for education community. many times forgeting/losing flash drives will make lose of data. but cloud storage is a secure one.

It is very simple to have a cloud storage services.

1. just register for free to ay site.

2. down load the file and install it

3. it works like a folder 

4. all the files kept in this folder are automatically synchronised and all files are kept in the web site

5. every modification and change made is also automatically updated

6. we can get the files anywhere by logging on to the site with username.

Please read and get 15 GB of free space and 5 GB +2 GB free

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