Finland Education System

By ramanatha.sastry | Jun 5, 2013

in my opinion the sccess of Finland system lines in major factors of

1. Teachers are well supported and trained.

2. Teachers are delegated the learning of students and freedom to teach...NOT filling the forms and showing the evidences of teaching.

3. Flexible syllabus structure.

Please offer your comments.

Ravichandra Mane's picture

You are doing a great job.Especially in this new era the views of educators like you are very important for the Future of Education in India. The day is not long when every educator of India will talk about Finland Education System. The future of education in India is promising. Yes, I am fully confident about it.
Education technology is changing very fast. At now there are very few teachers who are using youtube videos for their teaching {I want to say students learning}. There is website about Educational Technology : I request you post many videos related to Finland Education System. I have watched many of them. Time is changing and we should change ourselves first.
Instead of talking what others should do let's talk what should I do. This attitude will also change the Education System of India. Thanks.

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i believe that it is not system, but the process we are following in the educational procedures...the present day is focused on how to equate every one and make them to fit in a scale, than nurturing them for the growth to their high potential....that is why i referred some other process....

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