Excessive stress on written work kills the joy of learning in the primary and preprimary classes.

By smitauchil | Jan 15, 2014

Is stress on writing correct spelling more important than developing the childs ability to express his feelings in his own words? Is it more important that the child understands the concept and is able to apply the concept in a given situation or it is necessary that he should be able to write a given set of sentences as answer to a given set of questions?

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In my opinion it is more important that the child understand the concept and is able to apply rightly in a given situation. Writing and expressing in correct language is no doubt a prerequisite of learning but at the pre primary level focus should be onto understand and apply. The child can be given the liberty to mix and match the understanding either in the text form or drawing using colors,objects and can even mime.

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I fully agree with what you say Sonali. It reduces the stress that children face and makes children feel happy about coming to school.

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