English is an easy language.

By Kamalyadav | Jun 6, 2018

Generally children speak in their mother tongue and they have to study three or four language to pass the secondary exams. They need to study hindi and Sanskrit as a compulsory language in bihar but they are called to appear in English exam only. Therefore they take English lightly in secondary level. But in higher secondary it is compulsory for students . They did not get basic knowledge in primary classes. Now they look English as a difficult language at higher secondary levels. I think if they will start study English at primary classes. It will be so easy for them... so let us start to teach them English in primary level for their welfare..... all the Best!! !!

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Spot on! You are absolutely right. Few schools don't consider the students future, instead they concentrate only in marks. As a result students struggle in higher education. Students should be taught English as the second language right from primary to enforce a better and quality future.

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Nice point and it should be taken into consideration for better future of students!

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