English is difficult for bihar students...

By Kamalyadav | May 1, 2018

The most of the students are studying in hindi medium school . They usually use their mother tongue in their home. They study mathematics and science in hindi medium till class tenth but they have to study every subject in English medium in higher secondary. Therefore only few can continue their study in science streams . Mainly they faced language problems because their concepts in maths and science are good.

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Hi!! I am kamal

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The government schools of bihar have no qualified teachers. Teachers were appointed without any exams. They are working carelessly. They have no any intentions in working for welfare of students.

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Respected Sir, I am also from Darbhanga, Bihar and I am agree with you. But along with this, the government also creates such situations that one can't utilise his full potential . For example, Students have no books and etc.

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Kamal Yadav Ji! Glad to see this discussion initiated.
I am currently teaching Communication Skills and English subject at TERii Kurukshetra where more than 300 Students are in B Tech and Polytechnic from Bihar region. True is the fact that MOST of them are largely weak in Engish Speaking because of the limited exposure as well as the least facility to Learn English amidst their mother tongue.
Regional Pulls are there in them though they have started writing fine in English. I am working on a remedy that rather than doing the effort of making them fluent, I am making them reasonable confident in Interacting in English. The reason for Bihar Students not speaking English is not that they have some serious backwardness. It is the lack of Engagement with them and the Confidence they need to have.
Hope we All TEACHERS of INDIA will be able to resolve this!

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Pravin kumar Sharma sir.we need to work together on state level for development of their speaking skills. Thank you sir for giving precious comments... Sir I think they should be taught English on primary level. The state should take it seriously because it is also the cause of failure who are preparing for NEET and IIT....

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Hi, I have joined this forum recently and am glad to share a possible solution.

You are right that most students in India do not get English training from their homes and have difficulty in understanding the concepts. Further, good teachers are not always available nearby. It is costly, in terms of time, effort and money to go to far away place for additional help.

To address exactly this problem, we have tried to create a new service that allows teachers to teach remotely over live video sessions - upto 100 students can join from anywhere with just a smartphone or a laptop with good internet connectivity. Students and teachers can interact as in a classroom. We are still evolving this service and would like to seek your valuable inputs. You can visit it at http://achimo.in

Since many students can join a class the fees can be low for students while earning can still be high for the teacher. Teaching can happen over a blackboard or on computer using advanced tools. Students can get teachers in language of their choice from across the country.

We are also adding teachers daily. Anyone can teach - experienced teachers, or housewives unable to go out or smart students who can explain concepts well. Teachers decide the fees that student pays and after GST and service charges, rest complete amount comes to them. If any of the members of this forum would like to help with this initiative, please sign up at http://achimo.in and help spread the word.

If you have any queries, please feel free to post a comment or reach me on WhatsApp at 7290980160

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Availability of resources matters. By the word resources, it means good teachers, teaching methodology, quality of TLM etc.

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