Effective Teaching-Learning in Mathematics

By hdutta | Jan 10, 2018

How to bring more effectiveness in mathematics teaching-learning right from the school level of education?

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This is too broad a question. Please be specific...Teachers need to be able to play with math at the level they teach...

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Could you explain what you mean by effectiveness? It can be measured in several ways:
Student engagement
Teacher reputation
Test scores of the class as an average

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Effectiveness in Teaching-Learning of Mathematics at any stage could be achieved if:
1. The teacher is passionate about the subject.
2. The teacher has the ability to evoke a sense of curiosity in the young minds about the beauty of the
3. The teacher always tries to bring a real life connect among the various concepts in Mathematics.
4. The teacher keeps him/herself updated about the latest trends in Mathematics and takes the experience
into the classrooms.
5. The teacher is open to accept the diversity among learners trying to ensure that every individual's
greatest potential is tapped.
6. The teacher can break the monotony of teaching-learning which solely depends on Text Books.
7. The teacher can integrate Theatre into Mathematics. For Eg: Lilavati Ballet by the Smitalay Group.
8. The teacher can create awareness among students about the highest honours in the subject such as
Field's Medal etc.
The list is endless and I am sure with years of experience - the process of evolution in a teacher happens.

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