Is Education Killing The Creativity?

By RichardParker | Oct 5, 2016

Getting into my practical and professional life, I have realized various things about education which I would like to discuss here. It is my opinion and I would like everyone to add or contribute their valued opinion about it.

We are made to follow certain rules since class 1. Most importantly, the timing we follow at school creates a foundation for our work routine at professional life. All our productivity lies on the time we are made to adapt since childhood, that is, 9 to 1.

Second part is punishments that follows not following the policies. There is a punishment for getting late, scolding if we add another dimension to the debate and etc.

Hence, while working for organizations in practical life, I am fearful of sharing my innovative ideas. Most of the times, it gets difficult for me to implement out-of-the-box thinking. I don’t blame education, but the way we are provided with education is killing the creativity of the individual.

However, one of my colleague holds an online university degree and has been influential in brainstorming sessions. He told me that online education is very different to traditional education and it appreciates broad thinking. Reference:

In short, is education or education system killing the creativity?

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Many schools in India claim that they provide a learning environment to students which is child-centered rather than teacher-centered. The paradigm shift from a teacher being the focal point to a student is worth appreciating. But what matters here is the well defined role of a Teacher who is now a days called a facilitator of learning among the students. A lot of market forces being operative in the field of education specially in areas such as Curriculum, e-content, smart learning resources etc., and with schools going for one or the other, guess what would be the role of a Teacher. The role of a Teacher is only to execute the pre designed lessons strictly according to the time frame mentioned. Don't we think this would be a major barrier for creative thinking? Aren't those days better when teaching - learning is not governed by these forces? Did that kind of education not promote immense scope for imagination and creativity? Don't we think a child who studies in a village school and who knows how to draw water from a well(concept of levers) or how to prepare pudding from milk (fermentation) is more creative than a child who learns conservation of environment on a smart board sitting in an air conditioned classroom? Its high time each one of us as educators redefine the purpose of education. The closer we bring students to nature, the better their sensitivity quotient and the benefits in terms of creative inputs reaped would become invaluable.

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Instructional Teaching is killing both Creativity and Education. Infact, education is synonymous with Creativity. Schools have lost the understanding of what Education means. It's business for them if they are private schools. It's mere compliance for them if they are run by government. R3Q

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