Educate For The Right Reason

By Megha Ojha | Mar 5, 2020

Rather than getting right answers, it is very important to ask the right questions.The one question that leads us to the answer of most questions in our life is 'WHAT DO I WANT?'
Whether it is our personal journey or professional one, in times of turbulence, this one question leads us to clarity.
In the world of Education, everyone is working to be better, different, result oriented and dynamic.We also hear about lessening stress levels amongst students while on the other hand, marks are given huge importance.How a child scores and how good he/she is in academics is the ultimate benchmark to measure how worthy he/she is and how successful he/she will be in life.

Do we want to bring up a child who scores well but suffers from depression? Do we want to bring up a child who scores well but is not sensitive to other's needs, who has no respect for life or doesn't value things.
It is painful to see a child with top scores struggling with low self esteem.

We,as parents,as educationists and as a society need to decide and choose how we want our future to be.We all have the desire for our children's happiness in common. We think that good scores mean admission in good colleges. This means high paying jobs and a high paying job is definitely a sure ticket to happiness.
This is where we go wrong sometimes.Actually, we want our children to be happy.We want them to be mentally strong,positive, independent and courageous enough to face anything that life throws at them.

If we look around,I am sure we will find friends and relatives who struggled during their school years but are more successful in their lives now.

I believe, Education is a journey to self discovery.It should be a beautiful and cherishing worthy journey.It must have lots of 'AHAA' moments in a students' life.Do you remember the joy you felt on discovering a shiny wrapper in dirt and keeping it safely in your treasure box? Just imagine what a great joy it is to discover yourself, your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.
When a child finishes his/her day, he/she should feel good about learning something new, however small and insignificant.

Let's educate our children to help them be strong, happy, helpful,passionate, hardworking, respectful and tolerant.


Sudeshna's picture

Very well written. It's the need of the hour to give our children the wisdom to enjoy the little things in life. It's the parent community that needs to be educated first.

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