Do you know about the best Education System in the world ? Do you know how translate downloaded videoes in your mother tongue ?

By Ravichandra Mane | May 1, 2013


   1]     Do you know Finland has the best Education System in the world.Have you ever searched on the web about Finland Education System. There is lot of material available on the net. As a teacher we should know about the best Education System. 

       Our Educational  Policymakers are sleeping. Arn't they? Not,  then why they have not formed any Task Force and sent it to Finland yet. The delegations from all the countries are visiting Finland . They are very enthusiastic about Finland's Success. Watch Finland Education System on youtube. 

       And here in India what are we talking about? The same questions, the same doubts. There is no one who can awake us. We have to wake up ourself. The world is changing fast. We are living in the new era. The foreign students and teachers are using ipads as the new tool for learning and teaching. What progress we have made in Educational Technology? Has every teacher in India a laptop? Are there projectors in every school? Is there an internet access for every school? 

      We are discussing same questions, same problems again and again. As a teacher we should change ourselves first. I know there are problems. But, why think negative.If Finland was able to change the whole Education System then why we can't?                                                                                                                                                      2] There is lot of material available on and many other websites. But main problem is that it is in English. So, many teachers face problems using them while teaching because the mother tongue of the students is always different. Then how to solve this problem?                  You can convert these videos in your mother tongue using " windows live movie maker 2011". You can download this app by typing "windows live essentials 2011" in the search box or you can download "myapps".  There are many demo videos : how to download "windows live movie maker 2011" /how to remove audio on windows live movie maker/ how to add audio to windows live movie maker/ how to narrate on windows live movie maker - on youtube. You can download many videos and convert them in your mothertongue and it's free.  Are you ready to use this app? Are you enthusiastic to make your students learning more enjoyable? WARNING : - Please keep precaution that the videos you are going to download are copyrighted or not? Read topics related to fair use of youtube videos. Don,t use these videos for profit or don,t make commercial use of them.                            




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