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By maryjohn58 | Aug 24, 2015

Hello Teachers of India.
I am Reuben from Brainwave magazine a children's science magazine ( and we are trying to get feedback from science teachers on how a child learns in school. We are building a web platform for children in the 5-8th grade to compliment what is being taught in school.
That being said we have made a comprehensive questionnaire to know what you think. We will be very happy to know your feedback. We are forming a teacher's board and would like you to be a part of it and are looking for dynamic teachers who can give us their valuable advice.For any other information please write to and we will get back to you.
We want to disrupt the way children learn science to inspire them to open up to alternate ways of learning. And we are asking you for your help. You can contact me on as well. Please fill this questionnaire to the best of your knowledge. You can skip questions by write NA. Thank you

Questionnaire for Teachers:

We're in the early stages of building a digital platform/app/learning tool that will help your students learn and score better grades in science. It incorporates games, videos, and assessments, and is aligned to the CBSE textbook curriculum and other boards as well. It will be playable on PCs and tablets.

1)What grade(s) do you teach?

2)Which school and syllabus?

3)Are your students allowed to go online at school?

4)If so, what sort of internet plan is the school on, how good is the net speed?

5)What types of devices do your students use at school?

6)What is the configuration? (operating system, RAM speed, processor speed, graphics card, etc.)
How frequently?

7)What learning resources (other than textbooks) do you use in the classroom?

8)What online/digital learning resources do you use in the classroom or computer lab?

9)How do you keep yourself updated about the latest advancements and applications of the various concepts you teach to your students as part of their curriculum?

10)Do you recommend supplementary learning resources to your students (or their parents)? How frequently?

11)What online/digital learning resources do you recommend your students use at home?

12)What types of devices do your students use at home? (If you know.)

13)What sorts of computer/video games do they play at home? (If you know.)

14)Which online/digital learning resources do you like best, and why?

15)How do you feel about learning through computer/tablet games?

16)How important is it that such games be aligned to the CBSE curriculum?

17)How important is it that an online/digital learning tool is aligned to the textbooks published/recommended by NCERT?

18)Do you generally teach the chapters of the NCERT science textbook in order of the table of contents?

Q)For each of the following features, say if you think they would be useful for your students and why:

19)Games, in which students do science puzzles/adventures/experiments related to the CBSE science curriculum.
20)Videos with real-life actors explaining the material
21)Videos with real-life actors doing the activities described in the textbook
22)Animations/illustrated lectures explaining the material
23)Assessments or quizzes, aligned to the CBSE textbook
24)Assessments and quizzes on advanced topics, beyond what's in the textbook
25)Interactive digital magazine, slightly linked to the textbook topics, but mainly focusing on the wonder of science and how the world works
26)Physical kits, purchasable within the app, to do science experiments and activities at home/school
27)Being able to assign your students to a certain chapter of the game to make sure they're studying a particular topic (also, how specific should this be? For instance, is it ok if the child has to play a game related to electricity, magnetism and light, while you are teaching only electricity at school?)
28)Updates for you, the teacher (via SMS or your own app) on the students' progress in the game
English language and science vocabulary practice
29)Customizable avatars; students can use in-game currency to buy clothes and accessories for their avatars, etc.
30)Take a break/play a fun mini game without much educational value, as a reward for performance
31)Special rewards for high achievement, leaderboards, etc.
32)Compete with other students in the game
33)Collaboration with other students in the game
34)‘Sandboxes’ in the game where kids can play around with simulations or just practice, without there being a single correct answer
35)Digital and interactive ‘textbook’ with searchable glossary, lessons, infographics etc.

36)What are the key results you need to see from the children using an online/digital platform that would make you (or your school) want to subscribe to this platform (or recommend it to students and parents)?

37)Would an area (on the digital learning platform) that maps the textbook curriculum to the games, and gives you access to course guides & lesson plans so you can help your students better be of value?

38)What sorts of assessments/self-assessments would be most useful for the students?

39)What sorts of home work/collaborative assignments/competitions would be most useful for students?

40)Would you like that our digital/online learning tool give you the ability to allocate assessments/assignments/challenges to your students?
41)Would you prefer that these be done in the class or at home?

42)Should the students be able to advance beyond their current chapter, and their current grade level?

43)Should the student be able to prepare ahead of the class? and Revise?

44)What other features would you like in such a digital/online learning platform?

45)Do you see our product as a tool that supplements classroom learning (or) is it a tool to supplement tuitions (or) is it a tool to boost learning at home?

46)Would you (or your school) be willing to subscribe to (or recommend to students and parents) a digital only platform (why/why not)? Or do you need a physical product like a Textbook or DIY kit or DIY book/magazine to go with it?

47)Would you like that we keep sharing updates of this product development with you?
Would you like to be involved in research at advanced stages of the product development?
If yes, please provide us with your email ID and/or Phone Number, whichever mode of communication you prefer.

Your feedback is valuable. We want to disrupt the way children learn science. And we are asking you for your help. Thank you

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Dear Reuben,
Thank you for writing to us. Agreed that teachers' feedback is very crucial. Here you mentioned, 'We want to 'disrupt' the way children learn science'. The word in quote means many things to many people. What did you mean?! To make the best of teacher's less available time, request you to reduce the number of questions from 47. All the best!

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Hi what I meant by disrupt is that we are planning to change the way kids learn science. Taking science from classes and supplementing them with technology which teachers and students can benefit from. Its a general terminology used in start up circles or venture capitalists. Just like what Uber has done with Taxi aggregation. I hope this clears the air on this topic. We are currently making a survey sheet which will make it easier for teachers to leave their feedback. I do agree that the survey is long. But teachers can fill whatever they feel is relevant to them. Thanks for your valuable tips. Looking forward to knowing what you think. thank you

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