Bloom's Taxonomy is obsolete or still relevant in Curriculum Designing?

By parveenwrites | Feb 8, 2016

School Education has become more significant now as we can again seen the same drop out data. For decades our primary education has got more than double of the students who enter graduation. Hence, School education K-12 becomes more important to give employment and literacy.
Bloom gave the taxonomy and we have been following that even for our adults. When we know that kids have got a different requirement to learn things and EdTech has changed the way lessons were planned earlier- Can we think of adding Andragogy to Pedagogy now. Even Heutagogy has become relevant now. A hybrid Model of teaching is needed.
What are your views?

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Drop out rates in India is mainly due to social / economic compulsions in India. While K-12 Education is more important, teaching per se was never a reason for drop out rates.
That said, Blooms Taxonomy will always be relevant. However, changing eco system in school education, especially the ICT, child's concentration duration in class, etc. warrants all, and more so the teachers, to adopt to the requirements. Teachers need to become Teacher-Learners in the changed scenariio.

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