language and a child

By shivduttbelwal | Feb 21, 2015

how a child learn a language
diff widly and depends that how much exposer he is getting in day to day life
a language is easy to learn if he is living a god time with it

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language can be best learning by putting it to use in daily life , speak, read write and communicate . There is no other method which works . I experimented with my pet too. He responded to all my messages even the complicate one too . Same applies to we humans .

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True Harmindersuri suri, no other means than conversation and reading can develop the language of a child. Expose the child to the language you want him to learn as much as u can. videos in that language stories with pictures are of great help.

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language depends on the usage of the people around it. it cannot be shoved down on anyone. it has to be natural and easy/

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