Work stress on Government School Teachers

By Rohini.C | Nov 21, 2012

The government school teachers are selected for their qualification, knowledge and capabilities in the field of teaching. Their time is supposed to be dedicated for classroom and related curricular and co-curricular activites of the students. But now, as we can observe in government schools, the teachers are loaded with other works other than teaching in the class. like, managing school records, filling up student scholarship/ other forms, sensus, attending trainings conducted by the department, etc. the main objective of educating children is being hampered many times because of this. Even after all this, the teachers manage to teach in class, but with frustration and stress . This is a serious issue faced by the teachers, which in turn is affecting quality of education. So I think we should not blame the teachers for the low quality in education.

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absolutly correct rohini ji govt. day by day policies incourage the interest of teaching in my state bihar 2 lakh teacher appoint in contract and he/she not known as a teacher it was known as shikshamitra/panchat teacher/blok teacher/nagar nigam teacher /we are reqest for state govt.of bihar we are called only teacher.

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Very true..... The problem specified here is really very serious. Teaching is a serious business that has to be dealt with excellent professionalism. For a teacher in a Government school teaching has become secondary. Work in a Government school is very unorganized. As a Government teacher myself it is not possible for me to execute anything as I plan. As I enter the school I will have some unexpected work that has to be completed on my Headmistress request. Children are the losers. God save them...

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I agree madam.. God save the children..

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one of my counselors told me that if we concentrate on one important but not urgent activity per day ,we will see that we achieve many important things in a month in spite of many deadlines ,work pressures.I tried this and it really worked for me.i was earlier attending to only urgent things.

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I don't think teachers are to blame in this situation. In fact I would have some ideas on what could change in this education system but also in the health system. I don't know why things move so slowly, we need effective systems yesterday. 

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Govt selects the teachers as per their qualification, but after the selection teacher are only machine for the schemes started by varoius Govts, Beti Bachao, Beti Padahao, Small Savings, Election, Duty, Censos Duty, Plus polio Duty, Surverys of diffrents types, School Record, MDM Record, MDM Preparation, BLO Duty and so on. In this teacher can't go to his class and only attends the school and completes other duties then teaching.

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SMC Meetings, official meetings, Reply of RTI, Progress report card, list of incentives, demands of varoius types in schools are other main duties of teacher in school then teaching. Teachers are only for teaching, not for above said purposes. So, if we can stop these duties and let the teacher free to teach only standard of Govt school can be much better.

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Yes i completely agree with your conversation. The work stress is growing day by day as many kind's of new protocols are being incorporated into these schools.

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