EdTech in the Classroom

By parveenwrites | Feb 17, 2015

It has been seen, experienced and observed as well that teachers are reluctant to adapt to new technologies.
WHY the Reluctance in Teachers is still a hurdle to Blended Learning?

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Hello Parveen,

While your observation is important, and if I make the assumption that new technologies in Education translates to Digital Education and learning aids connected with this, as a person who now has a start-up in the Education space that deals with Digital Education, let me add a few thoughts:

1. Teachers, in most schools, are far behind in their comfort level of using digital learning aids, as compared to the students.
2. Digital learning poses interesting challenges to the teachers, since they have to constantly update themselves on contents.
3. Digital learning and technology can be perceived as threat by teachers, since they may think that it can replace their profession.
4. Adoption of technology poses it's own challenges, depending on the infrastructure at the school, internet connectivity, scale of the school, and the school's geographic location.
5. Technology can only be learning aid, and not a substitute to a good teacher. I have always believed that if you have a good teacher, who can weave stories in a student's mind, there is really no need for digital learning aids, and hence technology!

So how are we addressing the above with schools we are working with?

We are working very hard to ensure that teachers are continuously engaged in our efforts. We are also making sincere attempts to ensure that teachers are the idea generators, for whom we would build contents.

Our hope is that such efforts will remove the barriers as observed by you, and the teachers would perceive technology and digital learning aids as a real value add, and not as a threat to their existence!

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Thanks for the inputs. While interacting with a researcher, I realised that teacher community still has the dangerous reluctance from adopting technology. You have rightly said in the 5 statements and it is found true when we meet and talk to such teachers. Fear to Change is what leads them to criticize EdTech models of learning.
I am sure a Teacher with EdTech Skills can never be replaced. However, the vice-versa shall be a reality.
Teachers who do not use EdTech shall be replaced by those who use it.

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Technology will become and integral part of education, and penetration of personal devices and low cost internet access will provide the power of anytime anywhere learning. Peer to peer learning and collaborative learning are real benefits that can come out of this. But nothing can replace a good and committed teacher! But teachers must also adapt to the changing demands of teaching and learning.

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Thank you Parveen for validating my observations.

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Teachers are reluctant because the are not exposed to technology by force . But it is at their convenience. and secondly the plagrasim results in using the material availabe on net . The day teacher is intrested in creating artificats she will be the willing user. We learn out of passion or compulsion

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