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Prime Factorization CalculatorActivity | By Jennifer Co |  Sep 27, 2016 Mathematics | 0 Likes

After familarizing your students with prime numbers and composite numbers, the next interesting question you may ask them to ponder is whether

Printable multiplication tables for your classroomActivity | By Jennifer Co |  Jun 13, 2016 Mathematics | 0 Likes

This page provides printable multiplication charts in a variety of high resolution formats.

Word Search Puzzle MakerActivity | By Jennifer Co |  May 26, 2020 Arts, Environmental Science, Sports and Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies | 0 Likes

Link: https://wordsearchwizard.

KidsRead2Kids - A Digital Reading Platform For AllArticle | By Jacob Blumenstein |  May 26, 2020 Language | 0 Likes
Making your own Arrow Cards Article | By Swati Sircar |  Feb 13, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Arrow cards originated as static cards in Montessori and were adopted in mainstream with the addition of arrow - an extension that can be used to hold the cards up (to

Evolving Perception of Teaching and Learning MaterialsArticle | By Learning Curve |  Jul 24, 2019 Views and Reflections | 0 Likes

Materials can be important for helping children learn.

How to make a Stylus PenActivity | By Mujahidul Islam |  May 06, 2020 Science & Technology | 1 Like

Touch Screen computing devices like mobile phones, tablets etc are so common these days. Generally we use stylus pen to write on them.


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