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Sanitary waste, Menstruation, and EcologyActivity | By Azim Premji University |  Mar 04, 2020  | 0 Likes

Here is a fun set of activities, survey, perspective and information on Sanitary waste designed using Nai Taleem pedagogy.

Curriculum on solid waste in schoolsActivity | By Azim Premji University |  Mar 04, 2020 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Bangalore based waste crusaders sat together to compile a set of themes that would encourage children to know, learn and act about the solid waste issues in and around

Learning Area and Perimeter through a StoryArticle | By Anjana |  Feb 20, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Stories are no new to the children. Children had always liked stories and as they grow up they love to enact the same.

Making Multiple Versions of Flats-Longs-Units to Teach Numbers and their OperationsArticle | By Swati Sircar |  Feb 05, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

2D base 10 blocks, popularly known as Flats-Longs-Units (FLU) are the most useful of all manipulatives for numbers.

What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?Video | By Worth Sharing |  Feb 12, 2020 Science & Technology | 0 Likes

Protect yourself, your school, your family and friends from the onslaught of fake news and pseudo science.

Making Polyominoes with CardboardArticle | By Swati Sircar |  Feb 10, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Pentominoes have started entering primary math textbooks. More generally, polyominoes are great for recreational math and school math.

Making Tangrams from CardboardArticle | By Swati Sircar |  Feb 10, 2020 Mathematics | 0 Likes

Tangrams are popular for recreational math as well as for school math.


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